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Flash 2

Flash 2


This three week class is the second part of your learning experience working with electronic flashes. In this class you will take your photography to the next level for more sophisticated electronic lighting possibilities; expanding your options by:

  • Taking your flash off-camera

  • New off-camera techniques

  • Using wireless and remotes

  • Multiple flash

  • Putting modifiers to work off camera

  • High Speed Sync with Stroboscopic photography

  • Using motion techniques and freezing

  • Intro to the next level: studio lighting

Students in this class should bring their digital SLR camera and manual, on-camera flash* and manual, fresh batteries and note-taking material to each class.

Required Materials:

  • Digital Camera with manual controls

  • External Flash

Class will be held at the same day and time each week for three weeks and lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes. (i.e. a Monday 10 AM class will be held every Monday morning for 3 weeks)  If you have any scheduling conflicts, we will try our best to accommodate, just give us a call!

Prerequisite:  Flash 1


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