ASoP @ Work


  • Promote your business

  • Enhance Corporate Culture

  • Do something fun for your employees

  • Increase attendance at an event or conference

  • Train your employees in photography and video to meet your specific business needs

Atlanta School of Photography school offers informative, engaging and interactive photography and video training to businesses in the Atlanta metro area, as well as fun and educational team building exercises for employees to enhance corporate culture. All of our instructors are professional photographers as well as amazing educators with a broad base of knowledge in all types of photography training. ASoP will work with your business to provide appropriate instruction for your employees and use your time most efficiently. Our team building exercises are lead by the same energetic, highly knowledgeable instructors to bring employees closer and have fun together. The school can provide any equipment necessary, including cameras

At the Atlanta School of Photography, we pride ourselves on our level of student engagement and our amazing team. You can see why our students love us on our reviews page here.