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Starr Petronella


Starr has a passion for the urban jungle and incorporating various facets of man-made art and urban settings into her photoshoots. Starr specializes in photographing High School Seniors, Teens/Tweens, and individuals with special needs. However, her experience as a professional photographer has also included weddings, event photography, families, headshots and various high-volume work. 

She has been recognized in the Senior Style Guide in 2015 and 2016 as the one of the Top 100 Photographers of the Year. 

She is schooled. Starr earned a BA in Sociology in 2003 and also a Commercial Photography Degree in 2011. She is originally from Southern Cali but has lived outside of Atlanta for a hot minute. This half and half perspective has really given her a unique view on how she creatively constructs the personal photoshoots with her clients. 

On a more personal note, she works closely with local non-profits who serve the special needs community. Has the travel bug, but has never been outside of North America...yet. Is thrift store obsessed and changes her hair color frequently.