What our Students are Saying

"If you are curious about photography and want to explore, this is the best place in the Atlanta area to learn everything from A to Z. Small class sizes make it easy to learn and to ask questions. It's been a great resource for me to understand all the features of my SLR and to learn Lightroom photo management and editing."-A.R.

"I really enjoyed Photo 101. The hands on instruction had me shooting better from day 1. Great environment to learn, convenient parking and good, knowledgeable teachers" -J.F.

"This was such a great experience. Everyone that works there is so friendly. Dru was my class instructor. He made our time in class so fun!"-C.T.

"Always learn from and enjoy the photography classes and workshops at Atlanta School of Photography. The staff and workshop leaders are passionate about their subject matter - all things photography - and I find they are excellent teachers as well. Highly recommend." -J.L.

"Perfect start! Took Photo 1 with Alex Acosta. Great instructor, very knowledgeable. And ASOP is an excellent place to learn if you do not know anything about photography."-Ken

"A great place to explore and advance your photographic journey with amazing support and knowledge from all the staff members." - B.C.

"This place is AMAZING! I learned so much and cannot wait to take ALL the courses. Allison Jarek was a wonderful instructor."- A.K.


"Absolutely a AMAZING experience!!!!!! The instructors here are VERY knowledgeable about photography and tips, tricks and techniques. The classes are very affordable also. I would DEFINITELY recommend this school for anyone who is interested in photography or trying to become professional. They are patient and hands-on. The teaching style is tailored to each student and the workshops are extremely helpful. All of the staff is just so damn friendly and easy to get along with. There's toooo many good things to say about ASoP. I've taken 3 classes myself and I still want to take more. They offer sooo much. This place was a godsend for me. Thank you ASoP!!!" - C.W.