Which Lightroom Plan?

and what you need to know before signing up for Lightroom CC or
Lightroom Classic 1 & Lightroom Classic 2

Sign up for Lightroom CC if...

  • You want simple way to organize and edit your images

  • You want all of your pictures to be backed up on the cloud

  • Don't do a lot of intensive editing

  • Use (or would like to) access Lightroom your iPad, tablet or phone

Sign up for Lightroom Classic if...

  • You want to organize your images on an external hard drive instead of the cloud

  • You want to copy and paste edits onto multiple pictures

  • You want to resize/rename batches of images

  • You know your computer well and how to navigate through Finder or File Explorer



Q: What if I have an older version of Lightroom?

A: If you have Lightroom 6, Lightroom CC 2015 (downloaded before October 15th 2017), or Lightroom CC "Classic", you are perfectly fine to sign up for Lightroom Classic class. These versions allow you to access photos directly from your computer's hard drive or an external hard drive.

Q: What if I accidentally purchased the wrong plan?

A: If you have already subscribed to the latest version of Lightroom CC and would like to take the Lightroom Classic class, change your plan from the Lightroom CC plan to the Photography Plan . Choose your cloud storage limit to 20 GB or 1 TB. We recommend starting with the 20 GB plan, then upgrading to the 1 TB plan if need be.

Q: What about Lightroom 3?

A: All versions of Lightroom are welcome in Lightroom 3! As long as you are relatively comfortable with the developing and editing capabilities of your version of Lightroom, we spend a lot of time doing practical edits and critique that are a applicable to both versions.

Q: What plan should I choose?

A: For the Lightroom CC class, we recommend the Lightroom CC Plan. 
For the Lightroom Classic class, we recommend the Photography Plan (20 GB).
Check out our handy chart below:

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 5.39.13 PM.png

We hope that this helps to clarify, please let us know if you have any questions!