Blogging for Photo: Building an Online Presence

Blogging for Photo: Building an Online Presence


Saturday Aug 3 10 - 12:30 with Natasha Lequepeys

Are you considering building a photography website, or do you have a website that isn't getting seen? Improve your traffic and increase your online presence with a photography blog! But where to begin?

This will be an interactive workshop, Natasha Lequepeys, travel photographer and blogger, will introduce you to building a blog the right way. Discussion and activities to help you better understand the world of blogging and it's importance for photography websites.

In the workshop we'll cover:

  • What is blogging and why is it important for your website

  • The importance of ranking on Google

  • How to create good content

  • How to get your content seen

  • The fundamentals of search engine optimization like keywords, domain authority and social media

You do not need to have a website to do this workshop, but it is beneficial. You do not need any prior knowledge, everything will be explained in basic terminology and the activities will help the students understand how to apply these fundamentals to their website. You do not need to have a certain style of photography. Blogging is applicable to all styles of photography.

Bring your laptop, this workshop will be interactive and hands on!

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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