Intro to Cinema Cameras

Intro to Cinema Cameras


Saturday, March 2nd 1 - 3 PM with JB Rasor

Get an up-close look at the same camera they use in the film industry. Yallywood is coming to you as JB Rasor answers all your questions for this Intro to Cinema Cameras workshop. If you’re looking to get into filming with a RED Camera, or any other type of cinema camera, we highly recommend this workshop to get you started. JB will demystify those intensive menu systems, recommend cinelenses, and get techy with recording formats. Even if you’re a beginner, this intro lecture is for you.

We’ll cover:

  • Camera Menu Systems and Setup

  • Camera and Lens Setup

  • Codecs, Capture and Delivery

  • Frame Rates

  • Digital Video Look vs Film

  • Audio, on Camera and Off Camera

  • Tripods, Shoulder Rigs and Supports

  • Editing Platforms

  • 4K and above 

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