Photography Business Essentials with Terms & Conditions

Photography Business Essentials with Terms & Conditions


Saturday, July 28th 1 - 3 PM with Caleb Malgott of Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions is dedicated to offering a helping hand to the entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives of the world. Whether photography is your hobby or a full-time job, come learn from our team of professionals as we walk through the essentials of business management. During our workshop, we will provide clarity on some of the most confusing topics that face photographers!

    • Understanding Common Business Structures (LLC, S-Corp, Sole-Proprietorship).

    • Sales and Use taxes for the Self-Employed & Freelancers.

    • Tax Reform changes and how it will effect photographers. 

So bring a laptop or note pad! It's time to gain the knowledge you need to confidently run your photography business!

With nearly a decade of business-management and corporate consulting under his belt, Caleb certainly has the experience to lead T&C. 

Put simply, Terms & Conditions is a business coaching company that focuses on aiding entrepreneurs in the creative market (i.e., designers, videographers, photographers, etc.). That’s how it started, at least. We don’t want to give non-Creatives the impression T&C isn’t ready and willing to help them too. Our overall goal is to provide foundational business guidance and services to any individual working for his or herself.

The Terms & Conditions team is made up of passionate people, each with a very particular set of skills (we can neither confirm nor deny Liam Neeson’s affiliation with T&C). And with such a melting pot of varying professional backgrounds all in one place, we can confidently say, “We’ve been there.”

So let’s get to it. You need to know why you’re here and what good it’s going to do you. First off, Terms & Conditions isn’t a team of lawyers—we’re workshopping the term “educational cheerleaders,” but that’s neither here nor there. T&C is here as a guide. Think of us as the Yoda to your Luke; the Gandalf to your Frodo; the Rafiki to your Simba. Not to brag, but Terms & Conditions is basically the “Take this” after “It’s dangerous to go alone!”

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