Shooting Shallow - Blurring your Background

Shooting Shallow - Blurring your Background


Saturday, December 15th 1 - 3 PM with Allison Jarek

Trouble blurring backgrounds? Want to get that perfect portrait? Or how about focusing in close up on a flower? Need to show off an adorable pet? In this seminar, instructor Allison Jarek will guide you in an understanding of your aperture setting on your camera – how to achieve a beautifully blurred background!

One of the most basic tenets of photography is the ability to control what your image looks like – including how much appears sharp in front of and behind your point of focus.

Topics include:
• Aperture and how to use it

• What is Depth of Field?

• Isolating your subject from the background

• Camera gear – the possibilities

• Importance of exact focus

• Zoom vs Fixed Lenses

This workshop will include plenty of hands-on practice around the school!

Please bring your camera, fully charged battery, camera manual and note-taking material to the class!

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