Stunt Action Shoot

Stunt Action Shoot


Saturday April 28th 10:30 - 12:30 PM with Sara Keith

at Atlanta Judo Midtown with Throwdown Stunts


Photographers and Stunt Men - a match made in photo heaven! Join Director, Sara Keith and learn how to capture dynamic action shots on location. Atlanta Judo Midtown is Atlanta's premier judo studio located off Cheshire Bridge, teaching ever-evolving competitive Olympic style judo that focuses primarily on dynamic throws and grappling. 

Throwdown Stunts is a small collective of Atlanta based stunt professionals. Their skill sets range from film fighting, various martial arts styles, tricking, horse work, driving, falls, fire, and more. You can see their work on shows such as The Walking Dead, Baby Driver, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Queen of the South, among many others.

We'll explore:

  • The best settings for capturing dynamic motion
  • Focusing for fast action
  • Lighting on set - natural and artificial 
  • Working with a team
  • Composing images in on location - benefits and challenges


Students should be comfortable with controlling and understanding shutter speed. Space is limited!

Recommended prerequisites:


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