Travel Photography

Travel Photography


Saturday June 15th 1 - 3 PM with Ledra Davis Woodlee of Natural Connections Workshops

Come spend an afternoon with Ledra Davis Woodlee and learn about her favorite research, gear and travel tips as well as offer up travel composition and subject matter suggestions. This class will have you ready to make the most out of your next big travel adventure.

Running her own workshop company, Natural Connections Photo Workshops, full time keeps her the go – so travel is a huge part of what she does!  Ledra is constantly researching, scouting and planning trips for herself as well as for their participants.  

With a background in retail photography sales and service, Ledra possess a broad collective knowledge of the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ – the best travel gear AND what to do with it. Everything she has learned in the retail environment has only served to deepen her knowledge and ability to help their workshop participants prepare for their trips and artistically succeed during her workshops as well. 

In this workshop, Ledra will cover:

  • Research Tips

  • Travel Tricks

  • Photo Gear Essentials

  • Stories Behind the Photos

  • Working the Shot - until you get it right!

  • Composition and Subject Matter Suggestions

  • & more!


About 5 years ago, Ledra developed a passion for a new and exciting line of equipment – Olympus mirrorless cameras. She, and her workshop company, are now pioneers in a new Olympus Pro program – the Olympus Workshop Partners program. Once she made the switch to mirrorless, she never looked back.  Small, light, compact and powerful Pro products only enhance the ability to pack up all of the gear and travel around the country without breaking backs, or the bank.  

Through classroom lecture, critiques and carefully planned out location field instruction, Ledra offers students the ability to address their specific needs and to develop their photographic talents – all without any student ever having to make a single travel decision themselves. This class will help you see what and how they do what they do.

This is a lecture-based workshop held at the ASoP location at 1135 Sheridan Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30324.

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