Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography


Are you curious about what it takes to be a wedding photographer?

From meeting the couple to preparing the shoot to post-processing to delivery, this assignment can be an amazing production!

Popular instructor and professional photographer, Amanda Gardner will share the ins and outs of an typical wedding day and what it takes to be a wedding photographer!

Amanda will share details on:
• The wedding timeline
• Creating a schedule
• Prepping and packing for wedding day
• Equipment and gear
• Working with second shooters
• Creating a shot list
• What to shoot - formal portraits, candids, and details
• What happens after the wedding
• Putting together a package, editing tips, and sharing your work

This introduction to the fine art of photographing weddings is enlightening for anyone and especially to the photographer considering this special area of expertise.

Take a look at Amanda's amazing work at The C.O.L. Collection

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